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Friday, 14 October 2011

A Gravel Grinder...

Well, I had just dropped the kids off at school and decided to procrastinate with the housework again so this left the morning to myself. Seeing as I didn't need to be at work until 3pm I made some plans. I packed my Camelbak with a little gear and food and took off.

I headed out for a long morning ride and ended up getting 141kms in (about 87 miles) When all was said and done. A real gravel grinder on my Surly Crosscheck. I filmed some but killed the camera after a while as it was really eating into my riding time. You kinda get the idea though maybe. Basically, it was a great day in the morning sunshine.

I felt those miles by the time I got home though. It was a long bumpy ride but it was absolutely beautiful outside.

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  1. #1 what tire are you running? I ran Vittoria Rando 35s last time out, but yours look more substantial.

    #2 what part of the country offers such great-looking mixed-terrain options? thanks for sharing.