The Slow Spoke is a place where I put my thoughts to words and hopefully some will read them. Since I'm a major bike geek most entries will be bike related but, not always. I'm also guilty of thinking far too much so you never know what the topic will be. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, 31 October 2011

So My Wife Blows My Mind.....

I'd been talking about a Pugsley but not able to act on it. My wife had been putting a stop to my plans from the get go but then today, when she walked into the door after work I get the.....

"Hey Steve! Can you give me a hand? I need your help getting something out of the trunk!!"

I put my shoes on head to the garage, pop the trunk and find...............

Not much more to say except holy HELL am I stoked. Quite the gift. She's one rad lady!

In retrospect, I think she'd been planning this a while.

I don't care what the honey-do list is going to be; I'll take it! :-)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A fat-bike.

I've been wanting a fat-bike for what seems an eternity but have just never made the leap. I must admit, a large part of that is due to what my wife might say. After all, I currently have 7 bikes in my basement, all of which "I need" and serve a very "distinct purpose". However true this may be, I know my wife wouldn't share the same zest for another addition.

I feel my eagerness starting to grow though and I long to cruise around on a fat-bike. I hope that, at least in part, it will satisfy my desire for something "new".

I've had my eye (mind actually) on one for a while now, particularly, a Surly Pugsley, and a friend of mine who owns one is now wanting to part with his. I'm wanting to pounce!

It's tough for me not to jump at it as it's been so long and videos like this one don't help my quandary.

GREAT video, that needs to be viewed in it's own right but the fact that it features the very bike I'm currently mulling over doing the very thing I want to do with it (winter rides) only sweetens it all the more.

Damn cool. I want that bike bad....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sweet Rides: Entry #10

Not sure what to say about this one but figured I'd let the pics speak for themselves. I was sent this link a long time ago but only now rediscovered it (after the great laptop disaster). The bike is from the custom builder, By:Stickel

Like I said, I have no words. See for yourself!

and the side view...

After 2 seconds of research it wasn't long before I found another of this builder's incredible frames built up into a spectacular sight. I'd love to spin this one around something fierce!

Haven't seen any of these out on the trails yet but if I did, I might have to chase them down for a closer look! That is, if I can catch them and the owner doesn't mind. :-)

Friday, 21 October 2011

A Good Clip (video by Brighter Planet).

I've always liked this little clip and felt it needed a place here on The Slow Spoke. Get out there and enjoy your bike(s) folks.

Friday, 14 October 2011

A Gravel Grinder...

Well, I had just dropped the kids off at school and decided to procrastinate with the housework again so this left the morning to myself. Seeing as I didn't need to be at work until 3pm I made some plans. I packed my Camelbak with a little gear and food and took off.

I headed out for a long morning ride and ended up getting 141kms in (about 87 miles) When all was said and done. A real gravel grinder on my Surly Crosscheck. I filmed some but killed the camera after a while as it was really eating into my riding time. You kinda get the idea though maybe. Basically, it was a great day in the morning sunshine.

I felt those miles by the time I got home though. It was a long bumpy ride but it was absolutely beautiful outside.