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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A fat-bike.

I've been wanting a fat-bike for what seems an eternity but have just never made the leap. I must admit, a large part of that is due to what my wife might say. After all, I currently have 7 bikes in my basement, all of which "I need" and serve a very "distinct purpose". However true this may be, I know my wife wouldn't share the same zest for another addition.

I feel my eagerness starting to grow though and I long to cruise around on a fat-bike. I hope that, at least in part, it will satisfy my desire for something "new".

I've had my eye (mind actually) on one for a while now, particularly, a Surly Pugsley, and a friend of mine who owns one is now wanting to part with his. I'm wanting to pounce!

It's tough for me not to jump at it as it's been so long and videos like this one don't help my quandary.

GREAT video, that needs to be viewed in it's own right but the fact that it features the very bike I'm currently mulling over doing the very thing I want to do with it (winter rides) only sweetens it all the more.

Damn cool. I want that bike bad....

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