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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Where Has The Time Gone??

Incredible how much time has passed since my last entry. I do apologize for that. I've been incredibly busy doing a laundry list of things ranging from, keeping the kids busy, to working on the house, to riding, to a bit of racing (and I stress "a bit" of racing) and I even got to working on an old motorcycle. It's been crazy!

I haven't forgotten about the blog and actually had typed up a few entries but never got around to finishing them enough to post. They were lengthy and, once I was able to return to them to finish, I had lost interest in the content upon re-read. I decided not to bore anyone else with what I had to say and just left them. Hahahaha

Anyway, things are picking up in my cycling world nowadays again and I'll have loads to talk about in the next bit so I figured I'd best kick the blog up again.

For now, I'll just drop a quick one. I headed out on a solo hit today and snapped a pic while I was out.

You'll notice, during said blog hiatus, I've acquired some Large Marge Lites for the Pugs. I love the damn things. Just as stiff as the previous Marge rims I had but 30 times more rad!

Hey. There's nothing wrong with buying stuff strictly for the sake of looks, is there? Because that's exactly what I did! Hahahaha Sure, you can argue that there is some weight savings to be had but, let's be serious here: this is a Pugs. It's no featherweight no matter how you cut it. The bit of weight saved through the cutouts in the rims is a drop in a bucket.

I won't lie to you: it was a decision based strictly on "what I wanted". I don't typically pull that kind of thing but, hey, the opportunity was there and I went for it.

And I'm glad I did.

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