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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paris to Ancaster 2012

A race update - short and not-so-sweet.

In a nutshell, exactly what I was worried was going to happen, DID happen.

In the week leading up to the event I ended up pretty sick and was forced to stay 100% clear of the bike. I obviously gave up on the idea of beating my best time (which is my goal each and every year) but still, at the very least, I hoped to not create a new personal worst time. new personal worst time is now 2:53. A full 11 minutes slower than my previous worst and over 35 minutes slower than my best!

I was actually doing not too badly considering the sickness thing but then blew a chain and lost 7 minutes there. I then overcooked myself trying to make up for lost time (hahahaha - so stupid of me). I absolutely came apart for the last 5k. I was so finished that I started laughing while I nearly crawled up the final climb of the day.

LOL I was done! I had nothing left.

No excuses though, even if I didn't have the chain issue, it still would have been my slowest day.

I still had fun. That's what matters.


Is it bird shit? Nope. Is it bug guts? Nope. Is it a milkshake that someone threw at my windshield? Nope. It's Ancaster Cycle's brochure that pasted itself like wallpaper to my windscreen right in my line of sight. I couldn't even scrape it off with my ice scraper.

Thanks for that.......

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