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Friday, 9 March 2012

The Little Escape.

I stopped by a place I hadn't ridden in a very long time and certainly now feel that I should visit more often. I was the only one in the entire area except for one walker and their dog. It was a thing of beauty!

I guess there was at least one beaver around as well but........

Not even the Navi knew where it was.....

Another thing of beauty was that I witnessed my first Bald Eagle in this particular area. They had disappeared long ago but have finally recovered enough and have made their way back. It was very cool to see that. Conservation and protection really does work.

Anyway. Took the Pugs out and mashed that single cog at a nice steady pace. It was peaceful.

Filmed a little to help you visualize.

Cheers and thanks for checking in.


  1. Beavers are being reintoduced to Scotland in controlled areas, maybe i will see the odd nawed tree too soon!, nice wee film!

    1. Thanks for reading coastkid. I've seen a ton of your stuff as well. You've got some stellar riding areas where you are, that's for sure.