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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Between Shifts.

Well, the quiver has been getting some love as of late.

Managed to tear down the Guru for a full cleaning, tune-up and subsequent glamour shot session between night shifts.

Once I get doing that, I can't help but notice the finer details of the bike.

Now that I have a better camera (with no skills to use it) I figured I'd post some better pics than the ones posted on the build entry. 

Still built as it was for my 40th b-day present to myself and still running great. This one will be with me a long time. I built it to last.

She's not meant to be the fastest bike in the group ride but while my buddies on the stiffer, "pure race" bikes start to ache, I'm ready for more action ;-)

Great bike for the long haul.

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