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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blog Slow - Out Daily.

Not much to write today but thought I'd make a quick entry.

Since getting the new Pugsley and in between kids, work and X-mas shopping, I've been getting out riding a surprising amount. Obviously, because of this, the blog takes a hit and suffers a drought. In all honesty, I actually feel a little anxious right now as I type this. I have a ton of stuff to get done! I need to get some shopping done before meeting my wife for a quick lunch and then heading to work. If I’m quick, I may be able to squeeze another ride in (albeit a short one) and typing this entry certainly isn’t helping at all.

Anyway, I captured this self portrait on yesterday’s ride and thought I’d post it today (along with a couple others) as it flows well from the previous entry of “Air Time”. Ha! A great transition from one entry to another without planning of any kind! :-)

We don’t often see Pugsleys from this angle.

Another shot along the rail trail I’ve been using to amass some miles.

Another night. Hit the beach with it and rolled a fairly long outing. Cold as hell but it was fantastic.

The very next morning I jumped right back on and took off again. I didn’t even take the time to pack a saddle bag or ANYTHING. It could have ended badly didn’t.

Anyway, like I said, I have tons of stuff to get done so I’ll leave this little lame entry and run. I’ll try and come up with something far more appealing (again, only to bike nerds) next time.

Thanks very much for reading,
Steve A

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