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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Pugsley

Figured I better update you on the Puglsey that my wife brought home for me (see previous entry, October 31st). Not much to say other than AWESOME! The bike is a riot, that's for sure. I think it turned out pretty nicely too! I'm happy with it at least....

Finished the assembly using spare parts buried in my parts bin in the basement.

I'll probably make a couple of changes such as Surly Moustache bars and a different saddle at some point but not for a while at least. Since my wife sometimes pokes her head into the blog she'll probably see this so.......I'll give you a list for X-mas maybe??


Anyway, I'm still paying this one back in small ways. It's a big one. It'll be tough for me to beat it in the "cool" factor. She wins for sure. My latest in small paybacks is that I'm currently hanging with some dude fishing a racoon out of our chimney. Actually, I'm typing this and waiting for instruction from him but I don't feel guilty. I KNOW he's going to charge me through the nose. I'm also making dinner at the same time. LOL

True story.

Alright, back to the Pugs. I took the camera and filmed one of the early rides while I tried to get a feel for the bike. Took a little adjusting, but, man, is it fun!

Thanks for watching and reading.

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  1. Nice! Obviously enjoying the new ride:)
    btw, where are you watching WRC? I use to download from Racing Underground, but now membership is by invite only :(