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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sweet Rides: Entry #7

As much as I love bikes, I love music (mostly indie). I listen all the time, read everything I can and hit shows as often as possible yet it never fails that no mater how much I read or how much I listen, there is always a band that somehow slips through the cracks and I miss out: only to have my friends point them out much later.
It’s then that I sit there and wonder how I could possibly have missed them but, somehow, it happens.

Well, I have just discovered that the same can be said about the cycling world at times. I’m constantly riding, reading and exchanging information with folks about them and then there are times where – BLAM! – something new that I’ve never heard of before slaps me right in the face and I wonder how the hell it’s possible to have that happen. Well, this is precisely what happened when I spotted today’s entry to the blog.

Today’s entry is a killer “Reverend” 29er by Bronto MTB Co.. Bronto MTB Co. is a company based out of Central Oregon who specialize in making handmade steel bikes. Wow! A company after my own heart! Steel AND handmade. See? How could I possibly not have heard of them before?? It shames me to think it. The only consolation I suppose is that I discovered it on my own......I guess......kinda.



To me, it’s as close to perfect as one can get! It’s my two favourite things; handmade and steel.

Anyway, the bike featured today is owned and ridden by David who has masterfully assembled it with some primo components which can only help this bike perform as I’m sure the builders had intended. To top it off it’s got my absolute favourite color scheme of Red and White (hey.......come on......I’m a Canuck eh?) and the entire setup appears to be truly balanced: a real trail whipper!

....great headbadge

And, as with many handmade bikes which are assemble piece by piece, there are nice finishing touches.

Great bike by what seems to be (from what I’ve read so far) a great company. I may not have heard of them before but I know I won’t forget them any time soon; that’s for sure.

Really nice stuff. I love these small companies. The little guys/girls working hard to keep it going in a world of giants. I love it.

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