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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sweet Rides: Entry #5

I have just a quick entry for today – it would seem I am pressed for time. I still wish to get this one in though.

Here’s an example of a French made whip; made by Sunn Bicycles. Wasn’t sure at first why I dug it so much but I totally do dig it. Seeing as it’s a soft tail doesn’t hurt but I must say that at first I laughed at the green headset, matching green anodized Race Face cranks, bolts and green V-brakes (fastened with anodized hot-pink (or is that purple?) bolts btw). On their own they’re alright but when you throw in the yellow stem and hubs (which are supported by white spokes no less) it all seemed so out of place. It was overwhelming! You’ll notice the blue shifters with a hint of blue in the BB area (I’d assume an old Race Face BB) so you know the owner is trying to tie stuff together. Then I got to the saddle – white and black plaid?? “Jesus.” I thought. It’s like an acid trip gone horribly wrong. But, my contemptuous views all changed once I focused my attention on that totally worn out Syncros seat post.

It was then that it occurred to me. This bike has been ridden – a lot. The owner has put his or her own mark on it which is precisely what I like so much about looking at all these things and the real reason I'm doing these entries and, maybe, why you’re reading them. Although the colors scheme would not have been one I’d have chosen, how can I judge this bike based strictly on my disapproval of a few anodized bits and pieces? Clearly this bike is appreciated by the person to whom it belongs and for that I am glad. Judging by looks alone the geometry appears to be spot-on and the bike, although somewhat retro, looks like it would be more than capable in performing today.

I’ve had this bike photo for a number of months now and each time I went back to view it I liked it more and more. I can now say (obviously since I’m posting about it) that I’m a big fan of this ride. If I acquired it, I’d even leave the colors as they are too. It’s grown on me just as it is! Maybe it’s just that the owner has seen it long before I did, or, maybe I’m just growing accustomed; I don’t know. All I know is that it’s f%#king nice - as is.

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